Mix Media


Medius & Terra connexion  2017  fabric collage  275 x 228 cm


The Black Territory 96x194 inches mix media 2017

Black Territory  2016  fabric collage  260 x 457 cm


Nidhi Agarwal 2014 44x72inches PLAY @WORK mix media on plastic sheet on reverse

Play @ work  2013   mix media on acrylic sheet  100 x 140 cm  Diptych



Amalgamation  2017  Fabric , charcoal, thread  228 x 275 cm


FullSizeRender 38

Commotion of the red river  2017  fabric collage  Diptych


At times I observe combinations of aerial landscapes , cities bubbling with action in my abstracts. The cities  become lively with facial features . To me cities are not geographical elements but they are living forms containing an assortment of habitats and especially the humans constructing and consuming them. I compare cities with machines – bustling , emanating ,fuming with life . With increasing boldness the entire play look fearlessly eye catchy . I see myself heading towards simplification with minimalism and flat play fields .

To express beyond this point , I am experimenting with yet another medium which is textile. Fabric collages become smore comfortable for me to work on since I don’t bother to mix paints . It is more challenging since the medium is not fluid nor powdery . It has its own opacity for me to deal with.

I use threads, wool, various fabrics to create these collages that have scaled to yet bigger dimensions . The continuos coexisting practice of drawing and painting wants to amalgamate into a cohesive treatment. I don’t need to practise them separately . I simply began a new journey with my discovery of this medium in 2016. The cutouts amongst an array of lines is taking a new dimension in my visual vocabulary .

Nidhi Agarwal 2017