nidhi , Vigilant 4x4ft oil on canvas

Vigilance  2012  oil on canvas  48 x48 inches


Nidhi Agarwal, Blue safari 2015 acrylic on canvas 5.5x5.5ft

Blue safari  2015  acrylic on canvas  66 x 66  inches


Smart Citizens ,oil on cnavas,4x4ft 2016

Smart citizens  2016  oil on canvas  48 x48 inches



grip of the cosmetic cult...5x4 ft oil

Cosmetic Cult  2013  oil on canvas  60 x 48 inches



Nidhi Agarwal, Psychic applicant 2014 oil on canvas 5x4 ft (2)

Psychis App  2014  oil on canvas  60 x 48 inches



Forgot Password 48x48 ,oil on canvas ,2017

Forgot password   2016  oil on canvas  48 x48 inches


Looking at Nidhi Agarwal’s paintings, you are first struck with jubilant awe: There are colors that embrace you, confound you, encircle you, vivid and electrifying, oscillating and enbalming.. They lead an individual life, crouching over the surface of the picture and gripping out here and there. There is a strange but breath-taking contrast between the color surface and the forms.  This is how Kandinsky worked in his first period when he combined full-fledged colors with designs that were not congruent with the borders of the latter.
Her paintings have also other features in common with the art of the Expressionism in its early phase. The audacity she takes in combining forms and colors is comparable with Willem de Kooning’s movements. The German artists Nolde, Kirchner or Schmitt-Rotluff had worked with the same eagerness in using brightest colors.
But Nidhi is an artist of the 21st century. Her grip is still more daring, still more ruthless. .She does not let us be quiet or calm. . At a first glance, the painting seem to be abstracts. But when you look at them closer, you see the concise figurative elements very clearly. Here is a wild beast, roaring loudly. There are human and animal faces , there are eyes looking at us and mouths opening, and forms reminiscent of other body parts, eventually strewn over the canvas. And very often two eyes behind berimmed spectacles look at us. They are the intimate “personal sign”, the secret motive in her work. They look at us, although they are behind the protective glasses. Our world is visited, we are observed by the artist, the work itself glances at us. It is a kind of double view: To look into the painting and to get observed by itself.
Nidhi seems to show us a naive and simple world with a striking optimistic palate . But behind, you can find the highly intellectual and highly inquiring look of an artist who tries to find out what is behind our society’s surface. Naivety and an inquisitive mind are joining.
Ernst W. Koelnsperger  2009   ( Ernst studied general linguistics, German, French and Slavonic philology and history of art in Munich and Rome. He engaged in studies of Indology and Indian history of art in Munich and Madras. Classic and modern Indian art is the field he works on in science and publishing. He ranks among the German experts in contemporary Indian art.)

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